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Backlinks are super important for the ranking statistics of your website or webpage. So use our free backlink checker tool for the analysis of your backlink data. This is the best backlink checker for you to use as it a simple, quick, and gives premium quality results. Your SEO Tools understand the influence of backlink analysis on any website's performance that's why it will show thorough details, from where you are getting your backlinks and which keywords or pages help bring those inbound links to your website.

Our free backlink checker is integrated with the Ahrefs backlink checker for the best results and to dig some specific metrics.

How to use the backlink checker tool? is providing you the best SEO spyglass which is easy and free to use so you just need to follow a few simple steps as described below to see the wonders done by our backlink finder.

  • Open the backlink checker tool on the website.

  • Enter the URL of your website or webpage in the specified block.

  • Click for “Check website backlinks”.

  • You will get a list full of backlinks and other important metrics analyses.

Now you are good to go for Search engine optimization, recovery of lost links, building a good backlink profile, and analysis of competitors' backlinks.