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Every website has external as well as internal links which help a website to be indexed and ranked by google search engines. So the inbound links can be called the asset for the website ranking. But sometimes It can be the opposite because of some broken external or internal links of a website. To avoid this case you need to do a backlink analysis that analyzes the inlinks of your website and gives detailed information on whether there are any broken or bad links involved. Eliminate those bad links to get a good website with awarding backlinks. How can you check or analyze these links? has resolved this issue by providing a free link analyzer tool. You can also do a competitor backlink analysis for getting better links that are not part of your competitor's website. Every web owner has to perform this SEO link analysis for checking spam or hidden links your website contains. The top ranking on SERPs depends on the quantity and quality of incoming links.

Why use “Your SEO tools’” backlink analyzer?

It is easy to use with premium quality results. You will get important details by using this link analysis tool which is as follows:

  • Total number of links your webpage contains

  • Total number of external links on that webpage

  • The total number of internal links that the webpage has.

  • The total number of do-follow and no-follow links it contains.

How does this backlink analysis tool work?

When it comes to SEO these inlinks help you a lot to reach the top of the ranking list. Follow simple steps to go smoothly.

  • Open the link analyser web tool page, probably where you are right now.

  • There you are provided with a box, labeled with “Valid URL”. Insert the webpage URL.

  • Select the option of which types of links you return.

  • Provide additional information if you want to otherwise it will be the default setting.

  • Hit the “Analyze links” button.

  • You will get a list of incoming or outgoing links with the anchored text of that webpage.


Our free, online, and majestic backlink analyzer will audit each page separately to get authentic results.